Information about Albania


Tirana has become the beacon of a new Albania, with an influx of new projects from sky-high constructions to experimental restaurants and trendy bars. Old neighborhoods are revived through renovation and the resolute establishment of new shops, cafés, and restaurants. At night, the streets are crowded and stir with the sound of luxury car engines revving up ostentatiously…

The Albanian Riviera is the most popular place in the country. The reason is that it is just amazing: long sandy and pebble beaches lapped by turquoise water, and lovely coastal hamlets with small Orthodox churches, cobblestoned streets and flowers everywhere. The best places to visit are Dhërmi, Drymades beach, Vuno, Qeparo, and the seaside town of Himara.

The largest amphiteatre in the Balkans in Durres is mostly known to be the main port of the country, but it is also one of Albania’s oldest towns. Durres is home to the largest amphitheatre in the Balkans, located behind the port. The town also hosts an interesting archaeological museum with artefacts found in the theatre surroundings.